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If this is your first time at the auction, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement. In order to understand what you should know before you start bidding, we have put together a few of the most commonly asked questions.

We are sure this information will help make your experience a very positive one and something to tell your friends about.

How Much Does it Cost to Register?

There is no fee to register, however, should you be the highest bidder on a vehicle there is a $500.00 non refundable deposit that has to be paid immediately upon you being the successful bidder. If you should purchase two vehicles, a deposit is required on both.

Where do the Vehicles Come From?

We have a wide variety of private consignments, dealer, City of Winnipeg, Manitoba Hydro, Crown Asset, and repossessions from all the major banks, credit unions, and trustees.

Can You View the Vehicles Before Bidding?

Yes. We have viewing of the vehicles  from 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m Friday

Can I Change my Mind After Purchasing a Vehicle?

NO. Once you have registered and received a bid card and are the successful bidder on a vehicle you are legally bound to purchase it.

What Costs are Associated with the Transaction?

The purchase price plus a buyers fee plus P.S.T.& G.S.T (if applicable). All ‘special units’ located in the 600 lots are charged a 10% buyers fee to a max of $1500. For clarification, please contact our office.

What Type of Payment Do You Take?

The deposit can be paid for by Cash, Visa, Mastercard, or Interac. The balance must be paid for by the close of the next business day. Certified Cheques or Bank Drafts are acceptable. We do not accept personal checks or Credit Cards for full payment.

Explain What Happens on the Purchase of a Repossession?

If you are the highest bidder on a repossession we require a $500.00 deposit from you. The Offers are submitted to the bank the next business day for approval. If your bid is accepted we expect you to pay for the vehicle when it is accepted. However at times your bid is not quite what the bank had for the reserve price so some negotiating on both parties behalf’s is sometimes required to consummate the deal.

What is a Reserve Bid?

It is the price that Our Customer or Financial Institution would like to see for their vehicle, but please keep in mind this may not always be a true indicator of what the vehicle will eventually sell for.

Are all of the vehicles Safetied?

Cars at the auction can be sold a number of ways when it comes to safeties

Sold with no safety:

A vehicle sold with no safety will require a passed vehicle inspection (safety) in order to be registered in Manitoba.

Sold with inspection only:

All repairs listed on the vehicle certificate of  inspection will have to be repaired and then the vehicle will have to be brought back for re-inspection to the station that originally did the inspection. If it passes re-inspection a safety will be issued.

Sold with safety:

Vehicles sold with a safety certificate may be registered immediately with out requiring any other inspections .

Sold with a transferable safety:

A vehicle may be sold with a transferable safety. This means that in order to register the vehicle there is no need to re-safety the vehicle as MPI will accept the safety they have on file. This does not mean however that the vehicle is safe and it still may need repairs, it just means that the safety is transferable.

What Happens if there are Issues with the Safety?

The Province of Manitoba Highways and Government Services Dept issue Manitoba Safeties. They are issued through Certified Government Inspection Stations and done by Certified Technicians.

Under no Circumstances will Associated Auto Auction Ltd. Get involved with disputes arising from safety related issues. If you do experience a problem with a safety issue we suggest you follow these steps.

Cars sold with a current passed Vehicle Certificate of Inspection

Private Seller
  1. Contact the owner of the Vehicle. You will find the owner’s name in the top left-hand box on your bill of sale.
  2. Contact the issuing Inspection Station their number is located on the safety Certificate.
  3. If you still have not received satisfaction Contact Vehicle Standards @ 985-0920
Dealers’ Car
  1. Contact the owner of the Vehicle. You will find the owners name in the top-left hand box on your bill of sale. By Law a Manitoba Dealer is Responsible for the safety of their Vehicles.
  2. If you receive no satisfaction contact Dealer Licensing @ 985-0920 or 985-0937
Cars sold with a Transferable Safety

Under Current legislation safeties are good for a period of one year after issue and are transferable between private individuals. Unfortunately vehicles sold with a transferable Safety may have safety items that need repair. You will be responsible for any of those repairs.

Are the Vehicles Free and Clear of Liens?


When are the Auctions Held?

We offer a Weekly Public Auction year round every week! Contact us for more information!

We at Associated Auto Auction want to make your Auction experience a pleasant and satisfying experience. If you have any further Questions that may have not been answered in this pamphlet please see our staff in the office and we would be more than pleased to accommodate you any way we can.